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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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the key nuclear treaty between moscow and washington moves another step closer as it passes the second of three readings in the russian parliament. russian lawmakers are saying the new strategic arms reduction treaty will be ratified before the end of the month join us for the details later in the program. couldn't accept part of the blame for last april's presidential plane crash but says it will still launch his own investigation claiming the official report is black. and gaps in the legal system afghans are shipped off to the us to stand trial on terrorism charges despite no extradition treaty being in place. with news from russia and from around the world this is in moscow first at least
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four people have been killed in a car bomb explosion outside a cafe in russia's republic of dagestan several other people were also injured a correspondent in the region has the latest details. block playground a fear more could. take and like to figure. it all. out. or jet is big or has been for a couple of hours before it or with. it could have been working if it ever will it was injured after being given a condition and they were given treatment or it will only have begun her own people but why are there way to intervene evil violence in the troubled region here by terror attacks were carried out by that we all right now you can always and will call are going to coordinate or for an hour or more than. were prevented by russian special forces. the pivotal nuclear reduction pact between
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mosco and washington this past another significant milestone on its way to becoming reality to russian lawmakers approved in the second of three readings the treaty signed between president medvedev in a bomb and last year has already been ratified by the us senate it now needs a fungal say from the russian parliament from the tone in the reports this is the biggest treaty over its going signed in the past twenty years one to the world's biggest nuclear powers will be significantly reducing the number of warheads so did you can you carry arms by a third and delivery vehicles by almost half and of course it's also very important step and warming relations between russia and the united states an exam an example for other nuclear powers to fulfill this example now back in april when the treaty was signed to washington lawmakers to help stop that they were ready to rectify it in the form that it was right away but the unites united states senate was not that
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unanimous in its decision barack obama's opposition in the senate so wanted to sink down the treaty to make amendments to it and even though they failed to do so when vets defied the t.t. back in december late december two thousand and ten they attached a resolute. you shouldn't do it that is worth eleven pages worth of remarks to the treaty and now russian war makers counteract those serving marks the resolution by the u.s. senate suggests that the treaty should not so restrict nato or the united states from deploying its anti-missile defense shield to europe however this is something that russia opposed to from the start russia always wanted to go with signing the streets you connect offensive and defensive nuclear weapons and to make sure that. the u.s. did not proceed with their plans of deploying a.m.d. to here without russia's participation so the resolution by the russian lawmakers
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suggests that in case after rectifying the treaty the u.s. proceed with the plan that russia will be able to pull out of the treaty i believe the risk is quite obvious on the american side of the they will proceed with the strategic not regional but strategic missile defense system small not the current president not the current government but probably the next president the next government reach has a completely different strategy on this issue and in case that happens here so that region may be damaged here's. the conditions for russia to to to pull out of this treaty books begin we are not there yet and we still have time to make better agreements to avoid any misunderstandings and that will be our will to be today in the second reading the documents were approved by the lower house of the parliament the last reading will take place on the twenty fifth of january and after that it will be given to the upper house of the parliament for the signing of poland has
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acknowledged it's partly to blame for last april's plane crash in southeastern russia which killed president lech kaczynski a member of the country's political elite but while sources the interstate aviation committee report is incomplete it no. to carry out its own investigation and hopes to reach a joint conclusion with moscow poland's prime minister donald tusk said he wishes the fallout from the tragedy won't damage his country's relations with a russian prison if it has discussed further joint steps in the investigation in a telephone call with his polish counterpart if you report concluded pilot error bad weather and pressure to land from passengers were the main causes of the accident but potent claims russian air traffic controllers should have banned the plane from landing david lamont from the flight global magazine says warsaw may be trying to shift the blame but he can't find fault with the report. i think that the polish government is i think desperate to put at least some of the blame in
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somebody else's direction but incidentally i completely go along with the russian verdict on the on the air traffic controllers powers incidentally the air traffic controller did not clear this aircraft to land he had with withheld clearance for the aircraft to land and he wouldn't have had permission to stop an international flight like this one anyway if it had been a russian air force aircraft the controller could have told it to divert an international flight especially of this status the controller would simply go along and do everything that he could to help the captain achieve a safe approach but it's a very very emotive happening for for the polish people however i can tell you this if they tried to carry out their own report in order to allocate a little more of the blame in the russian direction i think apart from some minor
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technicalities they will totally fail to do that one former polish m.p. believes politicians in his country could use the tragedy to score points in the upcoming parliamentary elections. the political temperature in poland is hot for many reasons because of the social economic situation and first of all. we are approaching the parliamentary elections i am a french frankly speaking that all this could firstly make. this debate ahead of the election more court and could be the main or one of the most important bones of. contention between the major political forces and secondly that this could. negatively. impact on the polish russian relations i'd like not to be a prophet. but such a danger can exist. you're with r.t.
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we're here with you live in moscow still ahead this hour back from the start of a three and it's really just two living with their feet firmly back on the ground we get a chance to ask them all about life in orbit and. behold the giant ball the mammoth from john thomas in your group coming up partly from scientific discovery to artistic symbol of culture we'll talk all about them out of. those stories still to come but first afghan citizens seized from their home country shipped to america and locked up on charges of terrorism and are finding themselves standing trial in u.s. courts but with no official extradition treaty in place it could be america that's breaking international law. as this report. he's the hero of the streets of kabul and also the symbol of american injustice mohammad jawad was only twelve when
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he was captured and locked inside guantanamo seven years later he was found innocent and freed but the damage had been done he has a pair at taft in society. he cannot talk with. anybody who want to sleep in a room all the time. you want to be along karim was one of the few journalists to speak with jawad but now jawad lawyers say he's been threatened don't talk to journalists or we'll send you back but afghan authorities say they've had enough of american intimidation and more than a body for our new government and the doctrine of the constitution six years ago it was acceptable that american troops would send afghans to want tournaments but to date no wait but according to the law it should have always been no way because there's never been an extradition treaty between afghanistan and the states not then and not now the basic thing when we speak about extradition is that there is
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a faith between two countries about the legal system it's very difficult for me to see that there is a meeting between the american legal system and the afghan legal system and why should they be argues the recon when the afghan justice system is so corrupt the new constitution was adopted in general two thousand and four and while it allows kabul to enter into extradition treaties with other countries until today no such pect exists between afghanistan and the united states must be miracleman in afghan courts are different you know also afghans are most ones who won't support afghans being tried and prosecuted by the united states. implications are far reaching i guess afghanistan would be an easier country for someone who has committed a crime or committed a crime that the united states wants to prosecute them for that superior without
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fear of being brought back to the united states for that issue but afghans argue justice is still being served. during the last nine years we've had many cases with the united states where they ask for people and we agree we've sent back many afghans accused of drug smuggling to face charges in the states. since two thousand and one there were new crimes in afghanistan drugs and terrorism to counter these kinds of problems government needed and wanted to cooperate with the international community but will that need and want to translate into action every time because for as long as no extradition treaty exists they really can be no guarantee of justice between both countries. r.t. kabul. moscow's demanding london either charges or freeze a woman currently in detention and accused of spying for the kremlin russian national you. worked as a research for the real democrat m.p.
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mike before her arrest last month although released on bail without charge she has to obey strict conditions while awaiting deportation hearing in october she's had her passport taken away is forbidden to meet with anyone except relatives lawyers and doctors and is not allowed to visit public places the russian foreign ministry expressed quote serious anxiety over restrictions saying it dooms that if you have to to almost house arrest for a year more details that our web site at our t.v. dot com slash politics. russian nuclear experts will not be taking part in an invited tour of iran's nuclear facilities that's according to sources in the country's nuclear agency earlier russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said that while to iran's initiative deserved attention such visit should not be considered a substitute for official inspections or six party talks. and other members of the un's nuclear watchdog but not the u.s. to inspect the facilities the representatives declined the invitation earlier this
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month western powers suspect iran wants to use its uranium enrichment activities to build a nuclear bomb well to run and says it only wants to produce nuclear energy iran is facing criticism for trying to create a rift in the six party talks members by inviting some and clearly snubbing the others but experts believe any such attempts are doomed to failure. do so from ever there has been a start in negotiations or talks or whatever and it never worked out certainly there may be some people in iran who thought that it could create a fish or or rift but. they never managed to really break up. five plus one formula. the behavior of russia and china just shows once again that it doesn't work i think it's half expected such and such a reaction however the iranians wanted to show two things to their own domestic public that this we are ready to negotiate you have to see it but the second step
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the iranians did it again to which their own public namely to boost. the plaster about their own new newly achieved technological progress which is not true but again it sends a message to do also of course inside iran who are highly critical of any engagement with the international community that both things iran can be solved confident and it wants to negotiate are important. which are not up to you and some other international stories this the tunisian president of the country amid violent riots over food and fuel inflation and high unemployment states prime minister has announced he is now the interim leader president ben ali dissolved the government and called for fresh elections in the next six months a state of emergency has been declared across the capital which is of more than twenty dead in the last few weeks with human rights groups saying sixty had been killed. the victims of severe flooding which has left more than five hundred people
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dead in brazil are being buried in the southeast of the country rescue workers say the death toll is likely to rise as a still struggling to reach remote areas cut off by mudslides thousands have been left homeless from what has become the country's worst natural disaster in decades . silvio berlusconi is under investigation. in a case of alleged prostitution involving a seventeen year old girl prosecutors are looking into whether the italian prime minister abused his power to have the moroccan dancer freed from a police station she has denied suggestions that she had sexual relations with the premier but a scone has not yet commented but his supporters say the claims are unfounded. well having had time to a climatized to life on earth the most recent space meant to return from the international space station i've been speaking about that out of this world experience. had a chance to quiz the crew of three about life in orbit. hundreds of people have
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turned up here today to welcome back the crew of t m a nineteen and it's the hundredth mission that's been to the international space station and i have all three of them hey with me your chicken shannon shannon walker and douglas wheelock have all spent six months in space conducting experiments and doing maintenance to the space station and when they arrived here today they laid some flowers at the statue of eureka current as it is fifty years since he was the first man in space so all three of you first of all been up there for six months what would you say you've achieved in the time and not six miles just a little less than six one of the just really do it you know it's an easy of an america the four was a base in spades unfortunately for you. and maybe a much greater if you're going to go. on spring in the us versus me since i was six
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months in space posts like just one day but there were lots of challenging and interesting tasks during that time one of the first was a problem with docking with the new russian module and we had to work to repair it for one and a half hours before we could actually dock with the i assess the crew showed firmness uncomfortable and acted like a real professionals also during one of the space walks some equipment broke the work to repair it was really tough and one should praise the courage and professionalism of all the six crew members that were in space at the time that we carried out lots of experiments and we're satisfied with the work being done. with . when he returned here to tell us showered with gifts and flowers how do you rate the response you've received as it were back here on earth i think ellis quite overwhelming i mean it was a wonderful response. people a star said so and. yes ticking kind of way i think the best part about today was
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the schoolchildren that are here because what we do is for the future and they're. you know they're part of our future and so in their enthusiasm it's everything. just about for a bit more of. the u.s. congresswoman recently shot in early saying that gabrielle giffords was married to one of your fellow cosmonauts mark kelly and his brothers on the international space station as we speak how would you have a comment about that it's a sure thing well look of course we feel especially close to giffords because she is part of our nasa family as well and it is a tragedy although we've heard something encouraging words about her recovery coming out of arizona but for the lives that were lost really in senseless violence i believe it's you know the what happened in a small shopping center in southeastern arizona it really affects us all of course having spent some time with scott onboard the space station his twin brother mark is married to get real world we feel especially close to that family and that
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connection so we're praying for her and we're going to be hoping for the best outcome and so my all our only message would be let's maybe we think about peaceful discourse rather than a solution of things through violence because that's never a way to solve many thanks to all of you feel time and from everyone here at this place and welcome back to earth thank you for your. just reminder that lots of other stories in our web site r t v dot com for you here's a taste of what's lined up right now lebanon's year old coalition government has collapsed this week after hezbollah allied ministers walked out in protest what are they all happy about find out online. and russia is considering abolishing daylight saving time to save more daylight for all the details in that story and the other stories head to r.t. dot com. scientists have long been fascinated with mammoths carrying out numerous
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studies to learn more these experiments have only been possible thanks to the siberian region where ninety percent of remains are found and as ulti sean thomas discovered the creature is extremely popular they're known for its tusks which are used in the jewelry business and even its meat. these artists are hard at work creating masterpieces from one of the earth's most rare and unique substances mammoth task. it has been a long tradition in ukraine to make things out of mammoth tell us we know that from history in ancient times these things were taken by ships to russia and other countries so since we have these rich resources it is only natural that we should make things from this material. the use of ivory is a controversial issue as it has been linked to savage hunting techniques and dwindling elephant populations these practices have led to an international ban on the ivory trade but the people of you have found a loophole of sorts leading them to say mammoth ivory is perfectly acceptable.
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mammoth task is fossil which cannot be restored have been dead for ten thousand years most of the fossils are in northern reaching us that's where the material is delivered from as far as we know a lot of these fossils are dug out but we are the only ones doing it legally because it is so scarce each year large expeditions are sent up north when there is a break in the weather to search for newly exposed tusks. during the. beaches surface and that's where we dig and this is hard labor you have to work with a shovel and a cactus you can't always tell a task from a tree you think it's a tree but that enough it with a special stick and realized that it's. the biggest with sixty kilos but they can be as big as one hundred and twenty or even one hundred and thirty kilos the wall did indeed roam the entire planet but ninety percent of the artifacts have been found right here and that's because of the extreme weather conditions found here
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along scientists to find their bodies largely intact. i took part in almost all the recent excavation project so i was the project leader my first big expedition was to the trans polar reaches of the river very long we excavated and almost tears in . man with a leg and a body of a wolverine when you're digging and suddenly see some flash or hair you get very excited if you found a huge big mammoth in some instances the giant animals are preserved so well the meat itself is still edible of course. so a mammoth meat preserves its taste back in one thousand nine hundred seventy when we dug out of memphis leg we gave some pieces to dogs and they ate them of course both the taste and smell of the man must meet a quite and it's not advisable to eat it but there are some people who claim the eighty's and they were even pitches in some newspapers. so you shouldn't expect to find mammoth meat on
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a menu any time soon the wildly popular giant animal is still contributing to the cootie in society today from artistic creation to scientific research on the legend of the mammoth lives on in your qute sean thomas r.t. . well a little later we go back to the u.s.s.r. to reminisce about soviet music art and culture. from propaganda to save your art there are many photos inside the same here a large part of the exhibition is on industrialization and many aspects of the cultural worlds were under government control but the art world still flourished in the u.s.s.r. and today seven suspects in the highest prices at various are solutions around the world.
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and you can watch moscow out in about five minutes from now up next we have all the latest business news with dmitri stay with us for that. thanks bill global oil demand is increasing at almost twice the pace of supply according to the u.s. energy department this is led to predictions that oil may reach peaks not seen since two thousand and eight west texas blend is currently trading at one hundred one dollars a barrel harry chilling derian from b.m.p. paribas says the fundamental obstacles to a prolonged oil rally. were looking for a new trading range for w t i at least a level shift up from last year in the loose eighty to ninety area and i know this is being tested right now but we see a number of fundamental obstacles before oil prices could rally the way they did in two thousand and eight all right now what kind of oil prices are you expecting at the end of the year. where we're looking to average closer to ninety five dollars
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again we have to get over some obstacles as i was saying earlier we're looking at relatively elevated inventories in the o.e.c.d. countries we're looking at opec that has fair production capacity of six million barrels per day and of course we're looking at supply that's relatively decent heading into two thousand and eleven we'll see a lot of production coming out of russia colombia china and more importantly brazil so these are factors that we need to contend with before we could rise the way we did in two thousand and eight when spare production capacity was virtually nil inventories were extremely low and the refining system didn't have the ability to refine what opec could produce than. one of the best performing assets last year were precious metals and best among those was palladium but analysts believe the rally is not yet exhausted despite doubling in price and twenty ten forecast from japan's stand the bank and credit suisse highlights continuing demand from the auto industry as car sales in china gaining momentum the metals also being sought as an
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investor a safe haven amid you're of european debt concerns and u.s. printing money relating is currently trading at seven hundred ninety three dollars an ounce just ten year highs predicts that price could almost double by the end of twenty twelve. nearly trading market right now is wall street it's trading up half a percent the biggest jump in u.s. industrial production and rising retail sales being of set by high inflation and news that china is raising bank reserve requirements to try to cool down its economy so games and limits here in europe stocks ended the session mixed and flat miners were largely low on weaker commodity prices a.o.m. holdings is gaining five point three percent at the close after results from into on thursday here in russia the markets saw a slight correction on friday but overall the week was quite positive to my six point four percent the r.t. has around five percent making russia the best performing emerging market of the
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year to date. for the intel about friday's stock splits called was among the top losers in the my success precious metal futures fell for the first time this week seoul is outperformed the market on reports that the carmaker increased retail sales by thirty seven percent last year as the majors were trading in the red with gazprom down waters of a percent. the russian stock markets came out indeed strong in the first week of trade after the new year holidays especially one of its traditional drivers well was that two year highs sales traded john highs all from citibank explains to the stocks that were the main drivers i would say this week were luke oil and rosneft stocks and a lot of the large energy names in two thousand and ten lagged the market in general this week both of those stocks traded above key resistance levels and were able to hold those levels we saw quite a bit of demand of them but one of the reasons why the russian market did so well
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this first week commodities were generally very strong crude oil held above the ninety dollars level. we've seen brant closing in on one hundred dollars level once again so as i was a very supportive for the russian market also metals were quite strong. so for me for now bill is next with the headline stay with us for that. the.
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